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    On September 28th we join with Christians throughout Canada and the world in inviting friends to worship with us on Sunday.

    There is a proven benefit in the blessings of sharing our faith through inviting friends to worship with us that we have all witnessed. If you have made an invitation in the past then you know what a gift it can be.

    If you haven’t yet done so then this is your year to step out in faith and invite a friend, neighbour, co-worker, family member or whoever the Spirit might put in your path to join you in worshipping the God of Love who guides your life.  Remember, our faith is a gift that, like all of God’s gifts, is mean to be shared.

    Back to Church Sunday (B2CS) is an opportunity to be creative and outgoing in welcoming and inviting people to come see who we are – a community who meets God in worship and lives with God in our lives.

    Invite your friend, colleague or family to join us at the 10 am services on Sept 28th. Following the service we meet for refreshments and fellowship in the Lower Hall.

    Please prayerfully reflect upon what friend or acquaintance would most benefit from an invite to come and worship with you.  Then ask them and meet them (or accompany them) to the service!

    It’s a benefit that you both will enjoy!

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