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    18th October

    Galey Farms on Blenkinsop Road is a great place to take a toddler in October.  For $6 per person (pre-toddlers are free) we had two hours of farm-yard fun: a hay wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch, a play with the animals at the petting farm, and a ride on a train around the farmyard!  Everyone was allowed to choose a pumpkin at the pumpkin patch, the only rule being that one had to be able to carry it oneself, although I did notice that Mr EL  and his older brother cunningly negotiated to combine their efforts and selected one BIG pumpkin that Dad was contracted to carry.  The train ride passed a new dinosaur display this year which pleased certain young boys greatly.   The caregivers were also very interested to hear the commentary by Rob Galey during the train ride as he explained many of the methods Galey’s farms are using to be pesticide free and to provide out-of-season berries.

    Jack-‘o-lantern, Jack-‘o-lantern, you are such a pretty sight
    As you sit there in the window looking out at the night.
    You were once a yellow pumpkin growing on a sturdy vine
    Now you are my Jack-‘o-lantern, let your candle light shine.
    – Author unknown, but we miss you, Jane, who taught this song to us!

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