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    8th November

    This week we had a bit of a “normal” Toddler Time after so many special event days.  What a good time to celebrate peace…although it wasn’t really very quiet, especially at circle time. Having been reminded that we hadn’t danced in quite a while by Miss NP, we all shook the sillies out with the Hokey Tokey and discovered that there was both an elephant and a sword fighter at Old MacDonald’s farm this morning (courtesy of Messrs AP and EL)!  We played with tissues at craft time and had got a little gummed up “sticking and gluing” onto dove shapes.  For our story we read I Went Walking a beautifully illustrated picture book with repetitive, simple, large-fonted text.  As we read we pointed to the words to start children associating words with text. The children helped to “read” the introductions for the encounters with each new animal.  It’s the same sentence: “As I went walking what did I see?”.  It is so easy to lay the foundations for those reading skills and have heaps of fun at the same time.  Thank you for sharing these opportunities with everyone at Toddler Time.

    Shalom,dear friends, shalom dear friends. Shalom, shalom. 
    Until we meet again, again, shalom, shalom.
    – Israeli traditional

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