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    9th June, 2014

    What a (water) blast for the last Toddler Time before the summer vacation!  A fair sized group of us visited Saanich Fire Hall No. 3 on McKenzie Ave for a tour.  First everyone thoroughly inspected the fire truck – inside and out.  Those tires are HUGE! and the buttons seemed to remind Little Miss N of Angela’s Aeroplane…Then Fireman Joel dressed up in his Rescue Suit (a.k.a. Super Hero outfit), which looked a bit scary – but if we are ever in a fire and see him in wearing it and making those funny breathing noises we will all remember that he is a Good Guy coming to rescue us and we won’t hide from him. The fire truck’s lights flashed and sirens wailed (without disturbing Baby T’s snooze at all) as it drove around behind the shed where we were all allowed to aim the fire hose at a target! Once everyone had had a turn with the hose we had a small safety talk to remind our parents to make sure we have good, working fire alarms in our houses (amongst other good reminders) and to remind the children NEVER to play with lighters or matches.  We also learnt that if we are ever stuck inside a burning house we should shut the door and wave out the window because the fire fighters will use that BIG 75 foot long ladder to rescue us (and they’ll wear that funny Rescue Suit).  Fire fighters will also rescue our pets for us so we NEVER have to stay in a burning building.  Last weekend they saved a parrot!

    “…Sam is the hero next door!”
    (Don’t tell me you weren’t humming “Fireman Sam”!)

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