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    We worship with song for the delight of God, parishioners and guests. The adult choir group welcomes newcomers with trained and untrained voices. Joining the music ministry can be a heartfelt and engaging way to provide service to God in the church. Contact us for more information about our musical program and how you might […]

    The Sanctuary of the church is opened for quiet prayer between 12 and 1 pm on Fridays. This a time for peaceful reflections in the quiet surroundings of the church sanctuary. Everyone is welcome. Contact the church office at 250 472 1172 to confirm Friday openings.  

    All youth are welcome to join this choir, operating under the direction of Karen Hughes. This robust group of 16 youth perform during church services and at other events in the community. Karen Hughes, the choir director, provides assistance to these youth to help them find their voices, and pursue musical passions and experiences, such […]