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    28th November, 2014

    There were nine toddlers, one baby, and nine caregivers today at Toddler Time but it felt SO busy like there were twice that many children!  The dress-up box was thoroughly investigated this morning and princesses, explorers, rock stars, builders, and pirates scuttled around the hall busying themselves with testing the slide, building with Duplo, creating train tracks, and making the BEST Christmas Drums ever.  We tested the drums at circle time banging along to Al Perkins classic Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb and rehearsing The Little Drummer Boy for next week’s Christmas Prep party.  We actually had a pretty good feast this week, too, with rather red raspberries making the plates look very festive.

    Many more fingers! Many more thumbs! Many more monkeys drumming on drums!
    Al Perkins Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb

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