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    25th April

    Stay tuned, the photos will be up soon…  Today was the day when we designed and dyed our eggs and rolled them down the hill.  Despite the forecast, the sun smiled and the breeze was gentle for the morning – quite different from last year’s Mudfest.  The children were smiley and gentle, too;  I think that this was the first year ever that most children managed to roll their eggs more than five times before the eggs were smooshed to smithereens.  Today’s story was read in the church by the Rector.  It was the story of Dave the Donkey, An Easter Story by Andrew McDonough and is one of the best Easter renditions for children on the market.  The chocolate hunt around the pews was optional, but most people took it very seriously as part of their day’s mission.  Little Mr K may have been wise beyond his years not to leave his Hershey Kisses and Hugs with his mother – after all, kisses and hugs are for sharing!  The morning’s other exciting event was welcoming the long-awaited Little Mr T (aged 3 weeks).  Congratulations on the arrival of your new brother, Little Miss A!

    “Long live the King, Dave!  Long live the King!”
    Dave the Donkey, Andrew McDonough

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